We are temporarily closed.
Thank you to all our customers for your continued patience as we try to adapt to the many new challenges being faced not only by our small shop, but by most businesses worldwide.
As you may know, we have been working to make some changes to serve you better. One of our biggest challenges since COVID hit is supply chain issues. Inventory from suppliers worldwide (particularly those we prefer to use who have eco-friendly production and humane labour practices) has been a huge challenge. We are in a position where we are unable to reliably offer our full range of products and have been for some time which is part of the reason we hit the "pause" button earlier this summer.
At the end of August, we received word from our primary supplier (the main blanks supplier in Canada) that the supply chain challenges that led to inventory issues are not only here to stay for some time, but that they will also cause our costs to go up. We are still uncertain of how much of an increase to expect or what this will mean for our prices. When we know, you'll know.
We are still in the process of looking at other solutions to ensure that we are able to offer our designs to our customers with the reliability you have come to expect from us, however that process is going slower than we anticipated due to the challenges mentioned above. We also find ourselves needing to consider using larger resources, including some outside of Canada (based in the US) to assist in the procurement and production of certain merchandise when specific options are not available for order in Canada.
While we're not yet ready to fully reopen at this time, rest assured that when we do, it will be when we are ready and able to provide the same quality of ethically-made products and exceptional service you have come to expect from us.
Once further details are available on our reopening, we will be happy to announce them here and on our social media pages.
For those who are looking to purchase Orange Shirt Day shirts, I strongly encourage you to find an Indigenous business or maker to purchase from, or a business who has a confirmed, established relationship with an Indigenous charity. Two options I would recommend are:
The Healing of the Seven Generations (in Kitchener/Waterloo area) 
Thank you once again for your continued support and patience. Stay safe and be well!