Pickup Instructions

Thank you for your purchase. Your order is now ready for pickup.

You may come by at any time collect your order. It will be waiting for you in the square end table/deck box on the front porch. You will need to lift the lid from the front (it hinges at the back) to retrieve your order from inside the box.

PLEASE NOTE: Sometimes the lid sticks so you may need to use a little force to get it open.

There may be other orders in the bin, so please check the name and order number on the package carefully before taking your order.

We are located at 61 Eaglecrest Street in Kitchener
Here is the link to our location:

To prevent possible damage to your garments, please avoid using sharp objects and use caution when opening your package.

Care instructions:
Machine wash cold, inside out
Do not bleach or dry clean
Do not iron design
Hang to dry or dry flat
Tumble dry low if necessary
Avoid excessive friction or scrubbing
which can cause garment pilling or design damage

Thanks again for your purchase! I hope you love it!